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Osa Canopy Tour (Southern Pacific Area)

This is a canopy tour that is like none other in the country. The things that seperate this canopy tour from many others is that it is located on a mountain ridge at 1,000ft above sea-level just 1km inland. The only place in Costa Rica where you find this type of topography is on the mid to southern Pacific area near the town of Cortez. This canopy offers a great mix of high cables, off roading to get to the cables, an amazing tarzan swing, and a tree rappel. The town of Cortez is located about one hour south from the town of Dominical and the tour will last around three hours because you have to take a 4x4 to get to the top of the ridge.

If I had to pick a Tarzan swing that gave you adrenaline rush like none other it would be the Tarzan swing here at Osa Canopy Tour. You can almost compare it to a bungee as it has a 30ft free fall. This is an amazing adventure and if you decide to put the Tarzan swing on your Costa Rica family adventure tour you better be ready for some serious adventure.

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