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Hiking to Piedras Blancas Homestays

On the Central Pacific side of Costa Rica is the Savegre River. The upper section of this river is where your CRR guides offer a hike into a very remote Costa Rican village where only a few families live. Here you will experience true rural living. The hike to the homestays will take around 2 hours and when you arrive you will feel like you are at home because of the warm welcome from the families.

The village is called Pierdas Blancas and is located on the Pacific slopes near the Savegre River. You will arrive to the homestays and experience rural living along with some adventure tours. Very close to the village are caves to explore along with a 100 foot waterfall rappel making this much more than just a cultural tour to a small village.

This is a rugid adventure and although they treat you like family when you arrive it is a tough hike, a high rappel, and simple living making it a true adventure!

Reasons to Go:

  • Looking for Adventure
  • Want to see Costa Rican life in remote areas

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • Don't enjoy hiking
  • Not looking for off the beaten path adventure