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Pura Vida Spa Resort

Pura Vida Spa is one of the most respected and complete yoga retreat centers in Costa Rica. The uniqueness of this places starts at the arrival. They did not choose to put the retreat at a beach or tucked away deep in the rainforest of Costa Rica. When you arrive you will be surrounded by coffee plantations with one of the most phenomenal views of the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

The Pura Vida Spa Resort has been around for years and offers countless amounts of options for mind, body, spirit cleansing workshops, yoga retreats, teacher training and much more.

If your are serious about learning from some of the best teachers from around the world then the Pura Vida Spa Resort will not disappoint you as they operate all year and bring in some of the top teachers from around the world.

Reasons to Go:

  • Looking for some of the best training anywhere
  • Great views
  • Great people & food
  • Optional half day tours are very unique

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • Not at the beach
  • Not too much jungle either (it's coffee plantation with great views)