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Pure Trek Canyoning Arenal

Pure Trek Canyoning Adventure Company is located in the northern province in the area of LaFortuna They offer half-day canyoneering tours t from hotels around the Arenal Volcano. This adventure will keep you wet from start to finish and have the adrenaline pumping as you make your way down waterfalls that measure over 100 ft in height tied into your harness and enjoying the sport of rappelling.

One advantage that Pure Trek has over some of the other canyoneering companies is that they are experts in operating this tour with small children. If you are traveling with small kids and are looking for them to experience the same adventures as the older brothers then Pure Trek is a great option. They supply an extra guide just to keep a hand on the child and do a tandem rappel down the beautiful canyon.

This is an unforgettable adventure but is not for everyone as it gets the heart pumping, shoes dirty, and clothes wet!

Reasons to Go:

  • Excellent Canyoneering Adventure
  • Offers Tour for Small Children

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • This is an high adventure tour getting you wet and dirty