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Rappel Nauyaca Waterfall

Our favorite mode of transportation to get to Nauyaca Falls is the 120 foot rappel. Here your CRR guide will drive you in a 4x4 to the top of the falls where you will get geared up and ready for an adventure of a lifetime. This is quite the adrenaline rush as we give you the course on rappeling at the top of the Falls where it is a drop off to the pools of the waterfall.

Walking over the edge will be the toughest part but once you get the hang of it you will love the cascade of water that falls on you below and the undercut that allows you to enjoy a free rappel of over 60 feet. After you finish your exhilarating rappel to the bottom, a guide will be waiting to unhook you and we will make our way down hiking to the bottom pools below where you can have some time to swim and take a few victory laps.

After some time relaxing, swimming, and rock jumping in the pools we will head back up to the top of the waterfall where we will have lunch prepared for you.

This is a great adventure for families that are looking for some fun and excitement. We have taken kids down as young as 6 years old but they have to be kids that enjoy adventure.

Reasons to Go?

  • One of the best and most unique rappels in Costa Rica
  • An excellent mode of transportation to arrive to the Nauyaca Falls
  • Want a 4x4 Adventure
  • Want to feel like you are in a very remote area

Reasons NOT to Go?

  • You do not like heights
  • Not looking for adventure
  • Your like the comfort of paved roads