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Rural Tourism & Jungle Experience

With Costa Rica growing as the tourism destination of Central America and becoming more known worldwide, tourists often ask about the real Costa Rica or the less touristy part of Costa Rica. Costa Rican Resource has developed relationships with locals in many different parts of the country to give our clients, if they choose, a chance to experience the Real Costa Rica. We have trips that can be completely geared towards Rural Tourism or include some Rural Tourism in other trips. Rural Tourism is a way to benefit local families in the not so touristy areas. Rural Tourism can involve many different activities such as spending a day or two in small villages, enjoying their cuisine, taking part in their fiestas and learning how the average Costa Rican lives. We can sleep in cabins in villages , visit their organic farms, and help out in doing different projects of community service.

There are many benefits to sleeping in rural areas as compared to the larger commercial hotels. Living in the cabins (Brisas del Arenal) owned by a local Costa Rican family with jungle surrounding you is quite the experience. We also offer living with a local family for a night or two in different villages which is the ultimate immersion experience in a rural part of the mountains of Costa Rica.

Rural Tourism can be very educational. You can learn how families survive off their land and how they make ends meet with different forms of agriculture.

Ultimately Rural Tourism in Costa Rica benefits the local economy that might be a bit left out by the many tourism dollars coming into Costa Rica each and every day. You can see the example of this in the video links of the Sodas and how our Sitio de Mata project works.

These rural experiences arefilled with culture but you still get the adventure of rappel, rafting the Pacuare or Pejibaye Rivers, visiting active volcanoes, La Fortuna waterfalls, and even staying in a beautiful Pacific Beach Inn.

Take a look at a sample itinerary that involves Rural Tourism.

Day 1 - Drive to Cabins in Arenal Area (Brisas del Arenal)

Today we will meet you at the airport and drive to the Arenal Voclano. Our first stop will be at a Soda which is small restaurant that is run out of a home out in the countryside. We will visit with the family that operates the Soda. On to the Arenal area where we will be away from the larger touristy hotels in what is a very touristy area. The cabins we stay at are located on the property of a family that owns the 4 cabins and the area of land behind the cabin that they have completely protected to reforestation. You will have amazing volcano views from your cabin. (Meals: D)

Day 2 - Visit Organic Farm, Zipline, and Waterfall (Brisas del Arenal)

Today we will get on the zipline and zip across cables that are strung 700ft above the rainforest floor. You will have great views from the cables and Arenal Lake in the distance. After the zipline we will visit an organic farm where we will learn how a local Costa Rican survives off his land. At the farm we will enjoy a great tasty lunch made with all ingredients fresh from the farm. In the evening we'll visit one of Costa Rica's most beautiful waterfalls and then back to the peace and quite of the cabins of Brisas del Arenal. (Meals: B, L, D)

Day 3 - Drive to Village Sitio de Mata in the Mountains (Live with Costa Rican Family)

Today we will make the drive to the village in the mountains where we will live with the locals for two nights. This is an amazing area with cool weather and beautiful vistas. The people in the community are some of the most welcoming people you will ever meet. During the drive we'll make stops along the way at some local venues, making it educational and a chance to learn more and more about Rural Costa Rica. When we arrive to the village we will have a delicious dinner prepared by the women of Sitio de Mata. (Meal: B,L,D)

Day 4 - Raft Pacuare or Pejibaye River (Mountain House in Village)

Today we will wake up early in the morning and drive to the river where we will take off on one of the best river trips on the planet. The Pacuare River is one of the top five rivers in the world for rafting and is extremely scenic from start to finish. If the Pacuare is too rough we have the Pejibaye if small kids are in the group. After the river trip we will head back to the village where we will take a small tour put on by the locals. This is an tasting tour visiting different homes and trying different foods. (Meals: B,L,D)

Drive to Pacific Beach Coast (Pacific Beach Coast)

Today we will make the drive to the Pacific side. We will be lodging the final three nights in a upperscale small Inn with amazing views of the Pacific and surrounded by jungle in this small 6 bedroom Inn. The drive to the Pacific is amazing. We will be going over Costa Rica's tallest mountain range and have a chance to see both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts from the same point. (Meals: B,L,D)

Rappel Nauyaca Falls (Pacific Beach Inn)

Today we will visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of the America's. We can do a rappel of almost 180ft and enjoy the swimhole at the bottom of the waterfall. This is private tour that is operated by a local family. In the afternoon we''ll visit some of the beaches in the area. (Meals: B,L,D)

Visit Banana Plantation and beach time (Pacific Beach Inn)

Today we will make the drive to visit a banana plantation and learn about the history of the famous United Fruit Company and the affects it has had on the locals in the communities of the banana plantations. In the afternoon we'll hit the beaches on the Pacific. (Meals B,L,D)

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