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Sea-Turtle Observation

Seeing a sea-turtle is one of those joys in life that can literally be life changing. With the story from your CRR guide you will feel deep in your heart the connection to the voyage and importance these humble animals have on the vast ecosystem of the ocean which in return regulates so much on our living Earth.

Costa Rica has an advantage of having two different costa allowing for turtles to nest along the Caribbean and Pacific. Depending upon where your itinerary will take you will depend on where you decide to make your sea-turtle sighting. There are also different types of sea-turtles. Some of our guests come to Costa Rica just to see the infamous leather back sea-turtle which is the largest on the planet. Others want to experience the phenomenal arribadas or arrivals. Here is where the Olive Ridley Sea-turtle does a mass laying of its eggs where thousands of them show up during a week long show in the Guanacaste Beach of Ostional. There are only five beaches in the world where you can experience this incredible adaptive behavior of these turtles.

Reasons to Go?

  • Love the miracles of Nature
  • Never seen a sea-turtle
  • Like walking on beaches at night

Reasons NOT to Go?

  • Many of these activities are in the middle of the night
  • Mosquitos on beach at night
  • Often very remote areas
  • This is a hit or miss activity