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Snorkel Tour Ballena National Park

One of Costa Rica's most different looking beaches in located in the Ballena National Park on the central/southern Pacific Coast. Here you will experience a normal looking beach in high tide but when the low tide slides back into the the sea you will notice a peninsula formation that resembles a whale's tail. This happens to be quite the fitting irony because the National Park is called the Whale Park not for the peninsula formation but because of the large specie count of humpback whales that visit the warm waters for giving birth.

When the tide is low you can actually walk out onto the peninsula and enjoy a very nice afternoon of snorkeling. Here you will not see a large amount of coral but you will see different species of fish along with an occasional dolphin or even in the distance a humpback whale!

Reasons to Go?

  • Easy off shore snorkeling
  • Enjoy the warm waters like the humpback of the Pacific tropical region

Reasons NOT to Go?

  • You are not a good swimmer