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Rancho Pacifico, Costa Rica

Rancho Pacifico Rancho Pacifico Rancho Pacifico Rancho Pacifico
Rancho PacificoRancho Pacifico
Rancho PacificoRancho Pacifico
Rancho PacificoRancho Pacifico
Rancho PacificoRancho Pacifico

Rancho Pacific is one of the most upscale hotels in all of Costa Rica. They have set the bar pretty high when it comes to luxury in an eco-setting. This hotel is visited by some of the rich and famous from Cheryl Crowe to Anderson Cooper. It has a beautiful view of the Pacific located very high up in the ridge that runs along the southern coast. The location is at 2,000ft and they have no A/C which is fine because you should not need since you're at the perfect elevation and surrounded by nature you might be asking for some extra sheets in the early morning. This is an adults only small luxurious hotel and prides itself on luxury meeting nature. The Rancho Pacifico has been written up in Forbes Magazine and voted as one of the top 100 eclodges of the world. So with all of this said, it must be the perfect spot!

Well to be honest it really depends on what you are looking for. If you want to stay active during your stay you should know that just leaving this place is quite the adventure. You are located about 20 minutes off the main road. It is also a small place and the rooms are very modern with a design that you want to be ready for. We have had clients absolutely love this place and want to return and others that would have preferred to have stayed elsewhere.

When you visit you will receive royal treatment and with the location it has, it definately makes up for the long distance to arrive there and then be welcomed with such service. If you are on a Costa Rica honeymoon you do have the advantage of knowing that it is an adult only hotel. What separates this hotel from many others is the Spa. The Spa is considered to be one of the best around. It has been written up as one of the best spas in all of Costa Rica.

If you plan on staying at Rancho Pacifico be prepared to just relax, be pampered and get engulfed by some of the most breath-taking views you have ever seen.

Location: Southern Pacific

Activities in the Area: Whale and Dolphin, visit to Corcovado, Isla de Cano, nature hikes, birding tours

Amenities: Pool, Bar, Spa, portable A/C but never needed, very fine restaurant

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