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Playa Jaco

World-class waves, surrounded by National Parks, and just over an hour from San Jose, there's no wonder whyJaco has developed into one of Costa Rica's most popular beach towns.

The excitement starts once you leave the Central Valley and arrive to the Pacific Coast where you will cross the famous Tarcoles River. This is a river that most guests will opt to walk across the bridge to catch a glimpse of the numerous crocodiles that hang out at the bottom measuring up to 17 feet long! On the other side of the bridge is where you will find the Carara National Park which happens to be one of the most important protected areas in all of Costa Rica. Here is the division of Costa Rica's tropical dry forest to the north and the tropical moist forest to the south literally being a bridge between these to vitally important ecosystems.

Now that you have your fill on biodiversity you will make your way another 30 minutes to Jaco. The area is developed, filled with English speaking foreigners, high-end or budget lodging, restaurants, bars, and plenty of nightlife. When visiting it is always suggested to use common sense. If you go out at night be aware that drugs and prostitution have been the crutch of this beach town. It's a safe spot to walk around during the day but again common sense should be used if you decide to venture out at night.

The actual beach of Jaco measures 2.5 miles and is known for having some of the best waves in Costa Rica.Jaco is home to a number of different national and international surf competitions such as the annual Quicksilver surfing event. The beach is excellent for surfing but must be entered cautiously for swimmers. To the south is the beach of Hermosa and to the north is the calmer beach of Herradura. The volcano grayish sand will be found inJaco with a backdrop of lush green tropical mountains.

Reasons to Go:

  • One of the most developed in all of Costa Rica
  • Close to San Jose
  • Great for surfing
  • Looking to take surf lessons
  • Nightlife

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • Looking for a less developed area
  • Not the safest for swimming
  • Drugs and Prostitution