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Playa Malpais

Playa Malpais translates in English to "Bad Land". This beautiful beach town with white sandy beaches and world class waves is anything but a bad land unless of course you are in the agriculture business. Years back when tourism was unknown to the area the town ran on agriculture. The nearby rivers would dry up in the dry seasons and make farming very difficult. It was then that the surfers came to the rescue as they do in so many rural parts of the world. After the surfers discovered the perfect swells at Mal Pais it became a destination for international travelers from all over looking to enjoy the beautiful beaches or ride the swells. The spot for surfing at Mal Pais is called Mar Azul and is best visited during the dry season from December to April.

Mal Pais still holds on to its laid-back quaint vibe while accommodating the budget or luxurious traveler. You will find a large selection of small luxury hotels giving visitors to this area a chance to be away from the larger commercialized resorts while still experiencing high-end luxury.

The area is also great for seeing wildlife. You can experience a wide variety of biodiversity at the Cabo BlancoNature Reserve which is one of the first of it's kind in Costa Rica. There is a small island off the coast of this reserve that has the same name "Cabo Blanco" which translates to "White Cape". The reason the island has this name and to the joy of those that love a little toilet humor is that sea-birds have covered the island in dung making it look like this rock formation has a permanent "white cap".

The beach is great for surfing and sitting in the sand offering some of the best sunsets in all of Costa Rica.

Reasons to Go:

  • Very Scenic Beach
  • Luxurious options for lodging
  • Excellent surfing
  • Great place to learn to surf
  • Interested in Yoga

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • Access is not the easiest being four hours from San Jose and four hours from Liberia International Airport