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Playa Matapalo

Playa Matapalo is located in the Central/Southern Pacific of Costa Rica heading south from Manuel Antonio. TheMatapalo Beach is located just north of the more populated area of Dominical placing it in the center of two more happening beach towns of the very touristy Manuel Antonio and smaller quaint Dominical.

For the reasons mentioned above Playa Matapalo still offers a feeling of what all of coastal Costa Rica was 20 years ago. The locals in the village still live the true "pura vida" lifestyle where worries and stress in life are a thing of the "future" meaning that this style of life has not contaminated their chill-out way of living just yet (lets hope it never does!).

We included this beach under the section of surfing beaches not because it offers the best waves in Costa Rica but it is between the great surf spots of Manuel Antonio and Dominical and if you visit Matapalo Beach on a good day you can find some funky breaks to enjoy. If anything it offers surfers a look into the past at a deserted beach that we know all surfers can have a special connection with.

Reasons to Go:
  • On the way to or from the Manuel Antonio or Dominical areas
  • Small small village town
Reasons NOT to Go:
  • Not mind-blowing waves compared to other areas
  • You are short on time which ironically would mean you probably would not fit in at the laid-back "wait till tomorrow" Matapalo lifestyle
  • Careful with the currents!