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Playa Montezuma

Playa Montezuma is a beautiful beach located in the Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica on the north Pacific peninsula of Nicoya. You will get the feeling that you are at the end of the road when you arrive to the quaint surfing town of Montezuma. This is a unique town in that it is filled with foreigners from all over the world but has managed to stay hidden from the major commercial large development projects.

During your stay in Montezuma you can enjoy world class surfing on a number of different beaches. There are five beaches in the immediate area of Montezuma.

Piedra Colorado is a 15 minute walk from Montezuma Beach and home to majestic little natural pools formed by the river that pours out into the ocean.

Playa Grande is a long remote and peaceful spot for those looking for an area to relax and be isolated from it all. This is one of the best spots in Costa Rica for learning how to surf since the waves are calm but still good breaks adventurous enough to surf on. The Playa Grande is home to the annual Chunches de Mar Festival that if you ask the locals about, everyone will know about this amazing time in February celebrating the arts, food, and music of the area.

Playa Cocalito is the beach that everyone from Montezuma wants to visit to experience the famous "El Chorro" waterfall which is a 20ft waterfall that sits enchantingly at the edge of the beach and falls into the salt water.

If you are looking for beauty and a Caribbean style beach on the Pacific of Costa Rica there is no better option than Playa Las Manchas which is located 10 minutes walking south of Montezuma Beach. This is the best beach in the area for snorkeling. You can find up to 30 different species of fish just snorkeling off shore but it is important to be careful as during high tide this beautiful innocent looking beach has a strong rip tide. Because of its picturesque beauty Las Manchas is popular among many expats.

Playa Los Cedros is located just south of Playa Las Manchas and is home to an annual surf competition in July. This probably the best beach for surfing in the area and offers a great point break.

Reasons to Go:

  • Some of the most beautiful beaches in the Nicoya Peninsula
  • Not overly crowded
  • Many different types of beaches in walking distance
  • Great surfing
  • Excellent vibe among locals
  • No large commercial projects yet

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • A bit isolated
  • Looking for more developed area