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Playa Pavones

Playa Pavones is located in the far southern Pacific region of Costa Rica. This arguably might be Costa Rica's quiet little gem when it comes to surfing destinations. The area is know for being some of the most biodiverse in all of Planet Earth and the beach of Pavones puts itself on the world class level with it's long left break. Even if you are not a big surfer you should be amazed by hearing that surfing Playa Pavones during the months of April to October can offer you a chance to ride a wave for 3 - 4 minutes! This is what separates Playa Pavones apart from all other beaches in Costa Rica.

The area of Playa Pavones is made up of 10 miles of beaches, a few ecolodges, yoga studios, and over 200 different species of birds to keep you company. It is located in Costa Rica's southern Pacific at the southeast end of the Golfo Dulce. The access is nothing to brag about but we are confident that if you are into surfing you will not regret your visit to Playa Pavones.

Reasons to Go:

  • Serious about surfing
  • Remote with a lot of green vegetation and wildlife
  • World Class Left Break

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • If you are not serious about surfing probably not worth it
  • A bit isolated for some