Many people know what sustainability is, but not all can actually understand it. Sometimes in our day to day lives we are so detached from sustainability, that it is often very foreign to us when we visit a country like Costa Rica and are exposed to new amazing ideas and ways of doing things. We like to explain sustainability very simply by saying everything you do and the affect it has you will be held accountable for forever. We often travel with the mentality that "somebody else will fix the mess we leave". This is not true and Costa Rica has done a great job of ensuring that not just tourists enter their country but travelers. Travelers being guests who mingle with their hosts and learn from them.

Costa Rica is home to some of the world's top ecolodges that operate on a very sustainable manner being openly friendly to the environment. We do understand that Costa Rica has an edge because it is filled with volcanos for geothermal energy, many rivers for whitewater rafting that can be dammed, and two beautiful coasts, the Pacific and Caribbean, that lend to excellent wind. Along with this much of the country is protected in one of the most advanced National Parks system in the world. This is all the more reason why a vacation to Costa Rica should be a learning experience but also a chance to make your travels have as little impact on the environment as possible and making your trip an eco-friendly adventure from choosing your company, the hotels you stay in, and the activities you enjoy during your stay. Also keep in mind that making Costa Rican's a part of your visit to Costa Rica is one of the most important aspects of eco-tourism and making the industry sustainable. This could be anything from visiting a local village or just making stops at local fruit or souvenir stands that are locally owned.

Here at Costa Rican Resource we make every effort to have our trips operate as sustainable as possible. We also are always willing to give some travel tips on ways you can travel in a sustainable manner, keeping in mind that the decisions we make, we will always be accountable for. If we have the mentality of "somebody else will take care of it..." that somebody else will eventually be our grandkids and they won't enjoy the same beautiful vacations that we are enjoying today.