Looking for some adventure and want to make your way around Costa Rica and have some stories for when you get home then a car rental is one option to make that happen. The beauty about renting a car is everything becomes an adventure and story. Costa Rica lends itself to being a safe country with roads that have had incredible improvements in the last 10 years. Driving for people from most countries will feel somewhat safe in Costa Rica although some roads can get pretty thick with fog, wet, and curvy in the mountains.

Having a rental car in Costa Rica will make your vacation an adventure because you always have that extra hassle to think about where to park, if it's a one way street, and is the car safe? Because rental cars stick out in Costa Rica, it's a no-brainer to decide which car might have the cameras, laptops, and ipods to break into. Theft on rental cars has gotten better in the last couple of years but nobody wants to spend their vacation worried about the car. So the quick fix is FULL INSURANCE and don't leave your valuables in the car.

Along with full insurance on your car the GPS has become an excellent addition for those looking to drive around Costa Rica. As we all know we have become quite spoiled by GPS and it can actually take away from some of those great stories of getting lost and asking for directions which is where the real memories are made. The GPSsystem in Costa Rica is surprisingly accurate with a few mistakes here and there. The major flaws it has is when there is construction and detours which are everywhere in Costa Rica.

Unless you are doing business travel in Costa Rica and will be around the Central Valley, make it easy and just rent a 4x4 because you really never know when you will need it. Often times believe it or not, you need a 4x4 in the Central Valley with some of the many detours.

Reasons to Rent a Car:

  • Adds to the adventure
  • Luxury of going at you pace
  • Affordable
  • Costa Rica is safe
  • Many other people do it (usually good enough reason for us humans to do a lot of things)!

Reasons to Rent a Car:

  • You could still get lost
  • You might miss some incredible spots as compared to having a private guide & driver
  • You have to find parking and worry about leaving things in the car
  • It still takes time to program your GPS