Costa Rica might be a small country with coasts that only measure 60 miles the way the crows fly or the way your Domestic Flights fly! Driving in Costa Rica from hotel to hotel is usually between three and four hours or more. If your not a fan of curvy roads and car time, then the best option is Domestic Flights. Costa Rica has two different airlines that fly domestically along with private charter companies. The two companies are called Sansa and Nature Air and they both have excellent safety records.

The advantage to using a domestic flight is you will save on time and what some people don't always realize is you will be energized for your next trip not having made the curvy trip. By the end of a week-long family vacation to Costa Rica you can actually gain a day or two if you choose to do domestic flights during your visit which makes the extra cost about even.

The domestic flights in Costa Rica are similar to the private shuttles in that they really work great but only for those traveling to the touristy areas of Costa Rica. There are certain parts of Costa Rica that will not offer domestic flights during the slow tourism season September to November.

Reasons to travel Domestic Flights in Costa Rica:

  • Save time
  • Flights are less than 30 minutes to almost anywhere
  • Excellent safety record
  • Not a fan of curvy mountain roads

Reasons NOT to travel Domestic Flights in Costa Rica:

  • You miss quite a bit not driving
  • Small seats!!!! Hardly any leg room!
  • Can not travel with much luggage
  • Turbulence can be more fun than you asked for
  • Flights might not be running to the area you want to visit due to time of year or remoteness of location