If you are visiting Costa Rica on a vacation and you are looking into how you will be traveling from place to place it really varies for what you are looking for and what your budget is. Without question the way to get the most out of your Costa Rica vacation is to contract private transportation along with a private guide. There are an endless number of privately owned tourism buses contractors and many that will sell guiding services too.

Here at Costa Rican Resource our business is operating private tours from start to finish. The true gem of our company is our guides. You will feel like our experienced bilingual Costa Rican guides are part of your family from the moment you arrive. We have done extensive research, kept our services small and personalized, and are fortunate enough to have some of the top guides in the country working for Costa Rican Resource. The reviews of our guides are overwhelming and while this page is about Private Transfers we can not stress enough how much of a positive edition to a Costa Rica Vacation a private guide from Costa Rican Resource can make.

There are many different types of private transportation from using 12 - 40 passenger vans or buses. These buses or vans are often modern within the last 5 years and offer A/C and should be kept clean. Our preferred mode of transportation at Costa Rican Resource is one of our luxurious SUV's that will keep you and your family comfortable and often feeling less of the bumps in the road as you venture to your adventures.

Reasons to Go with Private Transportation:

  • Really experience and understand the country you are visiting hanging out with a local for your vacation.
  • You won't get lost.
  • See places that are not even in the guide books.
  • If emergencies arise you will be in good hands.

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • You are looking at $300's a day for private transportation with driver and expert guide (there are cheaper ways of doing this but if you want a guide that will leave you very impressed then this is the way to go)