Shared transfers are known as shuttles in Costa Rica and are a great affordable way of getting from place to place. The benefit is that they will drop you off from hotel to hotel. This is also a great way to meet other travelersduring your trip and get ideas and thoughts from them.

During a shared transfer don't expect much from the driver other than navigating the Costa Rican roads. Some simply enjoy what they do and will do the extras to make it enjoyable but it really is not in their job description. Chances are a transfer will be without much excitement other than getting from A to B which is really what you are paying for.

The shared transfers in Costa Rica have a pretty good network between the heavy touristy areas and work well if you're just looking to stay at different hotels and do tours from hotels.

Reasons to use Shared Transfers

  • Great Rates
  • Safe & Clean
  • Gets the job done!

Reasons NOT to use Shared Transfers

  • Only can be found in the heavy touristy areas and if you are looking to see more of Costa Rica you won't find the Shared Transfers
  • Service is just another number not very personalized
  • Could be rubbing elbows with somebody who has annoying elbows! Hahaha but it's at the most four hours, so just PURA VIDA till you get there.
  • Arrival and departures can add an extra time to the trip because you have to drop each party off at their respected hotels.