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Tubing in Bribri Reserve

If you are one of those tourists that like to do things that no other tourist is doing then join us on our tubing adventure in the Bri-bri Reserve. This is a combination of a culture trip deep into the Bribri Tribe territory, where we take you to the small village of Soki. Here you will learn about the culture and enjoy some time with the locals.

The adventure starts when we leave the village. We will be just steps away from a beautiful river that comes down from the Talamanca Mountain range. Here everyone will get a river tube and your CRR guide will give you the tips and tricks to getting down the river. The first hour is adventurous with fun drops and everyone getting plenty of water in the face from start to finish. The second hour is more of a lazy float down the river to enjoy the scenery and take a look at the different littleindigenous villages we pass.

Reasons to Go?

  • You Like Adventure & Indigenous Culture
  • Want to get wet
  • Like off the beaten path places

Reasons NOT to Go?

  • Long day!
  • Could rain and we are back-country (very remote)
  • Don't like rustic traveling